Scholarship Impact

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For only $24 per month, you can sponsor a kid that cannot otherwise afford it! 

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LAEF Monthly Scholarship Donation

LAEF Enrichment Class Scholarships

LAEF is absolutely committed to providing enrichment opportunities for EVERY Los Al kid, whether or not their family can afford the class fees.  If a family is going through a tough time financially, they are invited to apply for a scholarship, which waives a percentage of class fees.  If a family qualifies for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program, they automatically receive support.  Each scholarship request is handled personally and sensitively by LAEF staff.  Each year, a child can receive support for at least three classes, which includes one class during LAEF’s fall, spring and summer sessions!

Each year, approximately $30,000 in enrichment class scholarships are granted to Los Al families!

Thank you to these amazing funders of LAEF enrichment class scholarships –


College Scholarships for Seniors

LAEF facilitates college scholarships for graduating 12th graders from Los Alamitos High School.  The scholarship checks are presented at Senior Awards Night.  LAEF is honored to partner with these families and organizations, and to work with the LAHS counseling department, in support of college education!

LAHS Counselor Jodi Hutchinson presents Domineque Radcliff with her $1000 Diversity Excellence Scholarship

In 2024, LAEF awarded 34 College Scholarships in the amount of $34,850!

From 2016 through 2024, LAEF has awarded 

321 College Scholarships for a total of $226,530!

Jason Barnes Memorial Scholarship

Eric Bowman Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Robert Briggerman Memorial Scholarship

Cary Brody Memorial Scholarship

Barbara Collins Memorial Scholarship

Jim Cross Memorial Scholarship

Amy Davidson Memorial Scholarship

Stephanie Davidson Memorial Scholarship

Diversity Excellence Scholarships (Hijazi Family)

Griffin Football Foundation Scholarships

Walt Hauenstein Memorial Scholarship

LAEF Leadership Scholarship

Mehta Family Compassion Scholarship

Pat Ramsburg Memorial Scholarship

Jusdeep Sethi Legacy Scholarship

Dr. Gregg Stone’s Determination Award – see below

Grant Turner Memorial Scholarship

Cindy Vega Memorial Scholarship

Bob Wilkoff Memorial Scholarship