Free World Language

Free online World Language classes
are offered to all 1st to 5th graders
in Los Alamitos Unified School District.

LAEF’s goal is to expose children to languages they can pursue further in their secondary education and to introduce them to other cultures.

Languages offered: Spanish, Mandarin, American Sign Language, French and Japanese

15+ classes offered each semester

300+ students take Free World Language Classes each semester

How it Began

The idea of offering free language classes came from Retired Los Al USD Superintendent Dr. Sherry Kropp, who served as a volunteer advisor on LAEF’s Board of Directors.  It began in the Fall of 2018 with free classes offered to second graders due to the recommendation of the World Language Department at Los Alamitos High School, as they are stronger in reading and writing skills than younger students.  

The program expanded adding one more grade level per year.  Due to school closures during the Covid-19 pandemic, classes were moved online.  They remain online to provide student access to all five languages with beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.  

Studies have shown that learning another language at an early age is great for brain development, enhances academic achievement, boosts empathy and cross-cultural understanding, and increases creativity and problem-solving skills.  LAEF hopes to continue free language classes in the future, which we can only accomplish thanks to the generous support of our Los Al Leadership Circle (LALC) donors.