Summer enrichment institute 2023
Dates: June 20-july 14, 2023
Flyers and course offerings are now posted!

Elementary Campus = Rossmoor Elementary

SEI Session 1
June 20 - 30
SEI Session 2
July 3 - July 14 (No Class on July 4)

EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS on Wednesday, May 31.

Summer enrichment institute 2023 information
is now posted below

2023 Elementary SEI Flyers

2023 High School Offerings

Please note that the Multi-Class discount applies to SEI classes only. It does NOT apply to Summer Sports Camps run by High School Coaches or Camps in the Arts run by High School Directors or the High School Health Graduation class.

Elementary Class Descriptions – SEI 2023

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Please note that each Jumpstart Class is the same in Session 1 and Session 2.
All Jumpstart Classes are aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Elementary Teacher Bios – SEI 2023

High school Class Descriptions

High School Teacher Bios

The Summer Enrichment Institute (SEI) offers fun, engaging and educational courses designed to keep our LAUSD students entertained during the summer…and your children (students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade) will absolutely love it!  Our courses also counter the effects of something called “summer learning loss.”

What’s “Summer Learning Loss”?    Research shows that on average, all students lose skills over the summer.  Educators increasingly promote quality summer learning ON ANY TOPIC as a key strategy to improving achievement.  Plus, studies conclude that the effects of summer learning programs endure for at least two years after the student has engaged in the summer program.  LAEF really cares about this!  Since our very first SEI in 2010 we have increased the number of students attending summer classes each year…and students and parents continue to rave about the sessions.

LAEF offers opportunities for quality enrichment programs, both those typically offered during the school year and courses that encourage students to expand their interests, while still reinforcing reading and often incorporating math skills.  SEI also offers courses for high school graduation credit on-campus at LAHS and online.

Our SEI programs feature all of the research-supported measures of a quality program: smaller class sizes, differentiated instruction and small working groups, high-quality instruction, aligned school-year and summer curricula, engaging and rigorous programming, maximized participation and attendance, sufficient duration and involved parents.

Here are a few quotes from some SEI students, proud parents, and teachers:

"Sydney has been with LAEF Summer programs since Kindergarten. Thank you for all of the great teachers! We have attended Hopkinson, Lee and this year, virtual classes. Great experiences!"
Virtual Summer Enrichment Parent
"The Rights/Wrong class was very informative and my daughter really enjoyed it!"
Virtual Summer Enrichment Parent
"Kids REALLY enjoyed, I'm an Artist, Survival Science, and Perfect Paragraph. Each teacher was incredibly engaging and the kids really learned."
Virtual Summer Enrichment Parent
“I learned a lot in my art class at SEI. The best part was doing all the art projects. I loved using colored pastels and paint. It was so much fun.”
Rochelle Ner,
LAUSD 1st grader
“LAEF is doing great things! In the past few years, our three children have participated in various offerings from LAEF, like the Summer Enrichment courses, the after school art classes and even the Young Americans weekend program. WOW, we are so lucky to have so many options that provide our children great learning opportunities, filled with fun and education. We can’t say enough about how fantastic the Young Americans weekend was for our fifth grader! She loved the singing and dancing and experiencing art and music in a totally new and exciting way. Our youngest enjoys attending art class after school. She is learning to apply her imagination and creativity through painting and drawing. And lastly, Summer Enrichment really motivated all three to expand their knowledge of various academic subjects, preparing them for the new school year, while engaging them in new concepts and exciting activities. Thank you LAEF, we are so grateful to you all for putting together these amazing programs. Keep up the great work!!”
Eric and Kristi Kirkendall,
LAUSD Parents
“It was a privilege to join SEI as an educator this last summer, because it was a chance to teach subjects that I love and are close to my heart: Jump Start First Grade and Poetry. The jump start program is well named…we jumped into the beginning of the first-grade year! Students were introduced to math wall, writer’s workshop, reader’s workshop and CGI at a first-grade level. The smaller class sizes and highly engaged students allowed for a quick jump into the material. As a teacher and mother of a 1st grader, I loved the fact that children were going to start off their year hearing familiar academic language and participating in similar routines that they’d already been introduced to in the SEI program. Many students took a 2nd class in the afternoon and enjoyed art, poetry, singing, dancing and more. The SEI program is a valued part of the Los Alamitos School District with its commitment to excellence and continued growth in adapting the National Core Standards in a fun and concise program. I would definitely recommend signing your child up to experience the SEI program next summer!”
April Schmietenknop,
LAEF Teacher, First Grade Teacher and Parent
" Please keep up the great work!"
Virtual Summer Enrichment Parent
"Teachers and coaches were great. They make time to check in on each student to make sure they are focused and learning."
Virtual Summer Enrichment Parent
"As an educator who incorporate SEL into my curriculum, I truly appreciate the expertise shared, scaffolding in the unit, socratic engagement, and the development of interpersonal/intrapersonal skills in this class. Excellent teacher. Would recommend this class and specifically her instruction for all students in the district."
Virtual Summer Enrichment Parent
"As a first time kinder mom, I found the class to be a great tool to ensure my son was ready for kinder. I feel that he is now set up to succeed. I also thought Mrs. Kim did an excellent job."
Virtual Summer Enrichment Parent
"My daughter really enjoyed each session of her jump start classes. She was able to follow along and complete her work each day with a sense of accomplishment and success. We really love having classes on a virtual platform."
Virtual Summer Enrichment
"Ms. Moushon was amazing! My child was excited to share what she learned and thought the class was fun. Also, Ms. Moushon communicated with parents before the session began, during and after. She was truly amazing!"
Virtual Summer Enrichment Parent