spring 2024 Class Descriptions

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All elementary ages welcome! Acting is a great way for students to learn about language, storytelling, and character, all while building confidence and stage presence (including elements such as diction, projection, and more!) Students will have the opportunity to use their imagination and harness their creativity in new and exciting ways, through improv, theatre games, in-class work and monologues (with Musical Theatre/Singers welcome to perform for the class as well). The possibilities are limitless – as the class offers something for every level performer.

ASL, the most interactive, exciting, fun, and hands-on second language to ever learn! The cognitive benefits of learning ASL include: 

*Higher abstract and creative thinking

*Better problem-solving and listening skills

*Improve your body language skills and understanding of them

*Gain social awareness skills

*An expansion on their academic achievements

*Strengthen your overall communication among others (Deaf or Hearing) 

Students will start off with basic words we use in the everyday speaking language and then work on and present basic every day phrases students can use to their friends and family to showcase what they have learned at the end. 

ASL is a fun, interactive, hands-on second language! Learning ASL has many cognitive benefits such as higher abstract and creative thinking, better problem-solving, better listening skills and greater academic achievement.  

This curriculum was designed for young artists to explore their creativity and imagination. Students will create works of art while developing an awareness of shape, color, line, form, texture and value. A free-flowing environment provides a chance to unwind and tap into their creative minds, while building confidence, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.

Come join us as we use puppets to explore the world of story telling. Students will be using simple materials such as newspapers, socks, construction paper, etc. to make their own puppets to take home and share with their friends and family. All students need to bring is their imagination to be part of this new fun and exciting class! See you there!

This course will look at how art evolves throughout history and students will learn how the elements of art are utilized by various historic artists. We will handle different materials and explore techniques that can be used with each material. Students will build their foundational art skills through drawing methods such as contour drawing, shading, and still life rendering.

This fun, skill-intensive program is designed for beginning to intermediate players. Using our progressional curriculum, we focus on the whole player – teaching sportsmanship and teamwork. Boys and girls will learn the fundamentals of passing, shooting, ball handling, rebounding and defense through skill-based instruction. 

This class is designed to establish healthy habits with movement, and wellness. Your child will learn proper movement form, and techniques to destress. Each
class will begin with a 10-minute warm up followed by a 20- minute fitness workout and an obstacle course, followed by a cool down.

To obtain knowledge about breakdancing while also developing their own personality and establish confidence. Students will understand the value of discipline and hard work while having fun and dancing with others.

Learn to breakdance; a dynamic and entertaining form of dance! Students will be introduced to the world of breakdance and learn moves like TopRock, Six-Step, Freezes, Swipes and more!

Capoeira is an energetic and vibrant artform, combining martial arts, dance, gymnastics, music, language and culture. The capoeira class focusses on physical education as well as cultural art. The martial art side of capoeira includes kicks, spins, escapes, and acrobatics. The cultural art side of capoeira includes language, singing, percussion instruments, self-expression, and fostering community. Students learn discipline, body awareness, rhythm and mindfulness.

Welcome to the exciting world of cheerleading where spirit and teamwork take center stage! This class is designed to introduce the fundamentals of cheer: chants, choreography, motions, jumps, beginner tumbling, and basic stunting. This will be an inclusive and positive learning environment where students will gain an understanding of core cheerleading principles, make new friends, build confidence, and develop social skills in an enthusiastic setting.

This class uses a fun, story-based curriculum to get children excited about chess! Our lessons are tailored to the skill level of the students; all chess levels are welcome! In each class, children will get a chess lesson followed by chess playing time! We use chess to teach many life skills including sportsmanship, patience, strategic thinking, planning, and working toward a goal. The class will end with a fun tournament where children have the opportunity to win trophies and prizes! Each student will receive & earn themed prizes in this course. 

Ever wanted to bring storytelling to life? Experience ‘Creating a Play’, where students will learn the fundamentals of writing, reading, and acting out an original play. Through this exploratory workshop, students will be engaged in an interactive style class of warm-ups, story structure, character development, vocabulary, art, and theater. Culminating to a performance/staged reading of the original play(s) created in class to experience self-expression and public speaking. Lights…Curtain…. Action!

Students will be introduced to drawing and painting techniques based on the elements and principles of visual art and design. We will explore these principles through observational drawing, intuitive free-form activities, and building memorable art pieces. Hopefully each session will expand the minds of creative storytellers and nurture the abilities of aspiring artists-to-be! 

This in-class teen Driver’s Education program is approved by the DMV to comply with California requirements to earn an instructional permit.  Students must be 15.5 years of age to participate.  *This class does not cover behind the-wheel training.

An age-appropriate fitness class that gets kids moving, builds balance and coordination skills, and instills the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.  During class kids will learn fitness through games, obstacle courses, as well as speed, agility, and quickness drills.  Each week the class will follow a basic format while the activities change.  Our emphasis is teaching kids that fitness is fun! 

From slime-making with new recipes, to growing plants and exploring building strategies, the focus of this class will be hands-on FUN. The students’ interests will shape what we decide to dig into and explore, allowing your child to discover innovative approaches to solving problems while being creative and having fun. We’ll engage in projects that introduce and reinforce STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) concepts through creative materials, allowing students to learn through inquiry, exploration and play.

Students will learn art techniques found in art schools. They will be exposed to art fundamentals such as drawing from life, sketching, creating finished pieces, and presenting their work. This class encourages students’ creativity, storytelling, and imagination skills to be explored.

Bonjour!  Would you like to learn how to «parler le français ?»  Have fun learning the basics of French language in a dynamic and interactive environment!  In this class students will be introduced to foundational French vocabulary and phrases. Students will practice conversation with their classmates and learn about French culture, arts and cuisine.  Instruction will include movies, videos, games and fun activities that will immerse you in all things French.  Très bien!

Fun with Making, Growing, Building and More
From slime-making with new recipes, to growing plants and exploring building strategies, the focus of this class will be hands-on FUN, in an environment just for girls. The students’ interests will shape what we decide to dig into and explore, allowing your daughter to discover innovative approaches to solving problems while being creative, having fun and making new friends…with thematic snacks at times, too! We’ll engage in projects that introduce and reinforce STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) concepts through creative materials, allowing students to learn through inquiry, exploration and play.

Welcome to our dynamic Beginners’ Dance Class where students will embark on a journey of self-expression and rhythmic exploration! In this class, young dancers will learn the fundamental elements of hip hop while embracing their creativity through movement. Through engaging activities, we’ll focus on building confidence, coordination, and a strong foundation in dance. With a supportive and energetic atmosphere, our class provides the perfect platform for kids to discover the joy of dance and develop a lifelong appreciation for the art of movement.


Students will gain exposure and introduction to the Japanese language and culture through reading, writing, listening, and engaging in well-chosen activities according to their developmental stages, which will provide a foundation for further study. 


Experience the challenging martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is a grappling style martial art where children will learn to use takedowns and positional control to protect themselves. Our goals are to learn safety techniques, get/stay in shape, build coordination and strength, gain better focus and have fun! Classes will be divided into conditioning/general warm up, skill and techniques specific movement drills, technical instruction and practice, and conceptual mat chats. See you on the mats!

Kids of all ages learn self-discipline and respect in this physical fitness class.  Basic Karate techniques will improve student strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.

All are welcome to experience the joy of dance with the Los Alamitos High School Dance Program teachers! This class teaches dance technique as well as introduces a variety of styles of commercial dance including jazz, hip-hop, character, and contemporary. Students will be learning a variety of short dances that will culminate in an exhibition show for families on the last day of class. This is a great way to sample the world of Dance and to get familiar with the Los Alamitos High School Dance Program. Dance will help all students improve in flexibility, agility, strength, balance and endurance. All levels are encouraged to join.

This class uses LEGOs to teach fundamental physics and engineering concepts! This class will introduce students to unique math concepts and mechanical designs using LEGOs. Students will build spring balance scales and perform scientific tests using their creation. Students are encouraged to imagine and apply scenarios to their projects that reflect current studies.

Principles of Engineering will expose children to general engineering concepts. The concepts that will be discussed include the Six Simple Machines: levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, inclined plane, wedge and screw. These lessons are a combination of instruction-based builds and “open design” building that encourages exploration and experimentation to meet assigned challenges. The session will end with the children showcasing the concepts they learned over the course of the class. Each student will receive & earn themed prizes in this course.  

This class promotes public speaking through the performance art of magic! Students will learn different magic tricks and will craft some of their own magic gear! Children will enhance their motor skills, team work, performance skills, and more! Students will present their magic tricks at the end of the session. Each child will receive a magic gift and certification of participation on the last day.

Calling all 4th and 5th graders who like to build, create, explore, collaborate, and tinker! In this class, students will participate in a variety of hands-on projects with a focus on teamwork, GRIT, and creativity. Students will explore and create with technology as well as recycled materials in Lee’s STEAM Lab with Mrs. Chambers.

This class offers children an introduction to the Mandarin Chinese language and culture through games and interaction. The children will study basic words: greetings, food, animals and counting. They will try their skills at calligraphy and making their own first strokes of Chinese characters. Each lesson will have dedicated time for learning about culture and time for fun, including learning rhymes and songs.

Utilizing classic outdoor games such as Capture the Flag and Relay Races students will be challenged in a variety of subjects; including math, spelling, science, history, and logic puzzles! These fun outside games will test teamwork, strategy + skill while participants learn strategy, focus and gain academic skills while getting a workout! Classes include stretching and warm ups; followed by a wide variety of games paired with a new academic curriculum each week. Masters of the Field promotes students to solve problems, collaborate with others, build teamwork skills, while encouraging sportsmanship and respect. Each student will receive & earn themed prizes in this course.

Come join us to learn Musical Theater skills of Singing, Acting, Movement, Reading, Blocking, Memorizing and Performing scenes from famous musicals…focusing on ………! 😊🎶


This class will include learning songs, dances, and scenes from some of our favorite Broadway musicals and films such as The Greatest Showman, Hamilton, Lion King, Little Mermaid and all of the Disney big screens! Your student is sure to come home each day singing and dancing to these unforgettable tunes. This class is perfect for kids who love to sing, dance, and act and want to get better at it! We will start each day with fun warm-up games and team-building exercises, and then move on to our one-of-a-kind curriculum that includes self-esteem activities with Performing Arts Education! This class is for students at all talent and experience levels. We have tailored our classes to prioritize a safe and FUN environment. Please send your student with water and light weight clothing that they can move in. Your future star will have an amazing experience in this musical theater class!

Students will be provided a fun and friendly environment. Promoting an active lifestyle is the goal all while strengthening students’ confidence, accountability, sportsmanship, work ethic, and overall understanding of why staying active is healthy and important. Ohana Kid Fit will focus on running based relays, games, and activities that create an amazing place to get kids up and moving. Students will have fun, will learn quality values, and will be challenged to use their brains.

A fun and exciting class where children will learn the Japanese art of origami along with a different aspect of Japanese culture each week! Every student will receive an origami instruction sheet on what was covered that day. They will take home projects after every class! Students will make origami hearts, origami cups, samurai helmets, and several animals such as dogs, cats, cranes and more! They will start with easy creations and get more and more complex. Each student will receive & earn themed prizes in this course. 

Rising Sun Pickleball covers a health & safety talk, followed by court rules and an exciting, fun game that uses building blocks to teach and foster: communication, coordination, teamwork, friendships and active lifestyles!

We utilize the Kojima (Beau Kojima=Pro Teacher) culture and techniques to demonstrate seamless synergy on the courts.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams.
In this interactive class, we will see the world through an artist’s eye and explore what makes an interesting photograph right within our surroundings. Learn to take beautiful photos and tell a story without words. Each week we will explore the school campus and practice a new compositional concept to grow our skills as photographers. Each artist will take home a print of their favorite photograph at the end of the session!

*An iPhone/Android or Digital Camera is required for this class.

“One, Two, Three, Sing” is for the budding beginner singer to explore their creative voice while learning to sing with others. Expect to learn singing basics, play music games, sing along to popular hits, and of course, have fun! The next step in your musical journey begins this Fall!

This will be a FUNdamental soccer experience for all players. Following an age-appropriate curriculum, every player will be provided with a fun yet challenging environment facilitating the development of soccer skills and techniques. 

All ages and skill levels are welcome in the First Touch Soccer class. The priorities are nurturing a love for the game, skill development, and creating a supportive, fun environment. Join the class for an immersive learning experience where students acquire soccer techniques and build character through discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship under the guidance of highly experienced, qualified coaches. 

Students will learn high-frequency words in Spanish including conversational cues, numbers, alphabet, emotions and colors through songs, games, and stories.

Students will do daily stretches and a warm up activity. Next, they will get into a sports lesson including skills, drills, and game play. Cool down stretches to conclude the day.

Students will be learning a variety of different sports and activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, wiffle ball, and the 5 components of fitness. Students will learn the importance of participating in sports, fitness, and exercise for their lifelong health. Students will learn a variety of cooperative games that will help with their physical activity, social skills, teamwork, cooperation, and leadership roles.

When Sports and Science collide you get STEM Sports – a game-changer in STEM education!

We are excited to offer STEM Sports® curriculum! These STEM & Play programs use sports as the real-life application to engage students.

Our double-play combination of physical activity and cognitive thinking provides a comprehensive, inquiry-based educational experience and a solution for crucial science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) literacy for students.

As a result, students develop:

– critical thinking
-creative problem-solving
-leadership skills that can be applied throughout their education and future careers

Explore ‘Tai Chi Dance Fusion’! Incorporating elements of tai chi (neutral martial arts/sequence of movement meditation), yoga (stretching and breath), dance and story, this brings culture, art, and primitive communication to the forefront. Students will learn the importance of breath, stretching, energy, rhythm, dance, and storytelling through the body. Culminating to a creative dance flow that invokes a story performed at the end of the final session. This fusion of art will be sure to bring inspiration and wellness to all those who participate.

Players develop an impressive understanding of tennis techniques, as well as a strong love for tennis as they prepare for FUNdamentals classes. We use a variety of drills and games to peak the interest of our new players.

Traditional Karate with an emphasis on self-defense for today’s changing world. This class develops confidence and a positive attitude.

Students will learn the basic skills needed to participate in the sport of volleyball. The focus will be technique when passing (bumping), setting, serving, and hitting (spiking)! These skills will be applied while participating in drills and lead-up games.