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LAEF’s Enrichment Camps

For kids age 4-11

Camp 1: August 3 – 7 at Rossmoor Elementary
Camp 2: August 10-14 at Weaver Elementary

9:00am to 12:00pm


Registration for Enrichment Camps is Closed

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2020 Enrichment Camp Flyers are posted below!

Enrichment Camp: August 3-7 Flyer

Enrichment Camp: August 10-14 Flyer

Please note that the Multi-Class discount applies to the Enrichment Camp only. It does NOT apply to Summer Camps for Sports or the Arts or the High School Health Graduation class.

COVID-19 Guidelines

2020 Enrichment Camp Policies and Procedures

2020 Enrichment Camp Descriptions

Please note that each camp differs from week 1 to week 2.
The camps are the same from the morning to afternoon during the same week.

Enrichment Camp Mission, Description and Sample Schedule

Enrichment Camps Mission: to reconnect kids with a teacher and their peers through a fun, enriching, and emotionally safe summer camp.

Enrichment Camps Description:
Enrichment activities are up to the teacher’s discretion and may include: art, crafts, team building, math games, nature walks, scavenger hunts, science experiments, animals/insects/sea creatures, read-a-loud with discussion, social studies/geography, cursive, creative writing, technology (PowerPoint/Google Slides, coding, graphic design, video production), drama, dance, music, poetry, story-telling and more!

Sample Daily Schedule:
8:50-9:05 Camper Arrival
9:05 Welcome Time/Community Building
9:35 Outdoor Activity
9:55 Enrichment Activity 1
10:35 Outdoor Activity/Snack
11:00 Enrichment Activity 2
11:40 Community Building/Closing/Clean-Up
11:50-12:05 Camper Departure


Teacher Bios – 2020 Enrichment Camps

Melisa Baluyot

Melisa Baluyot has a passion for teaching and motivating young people to discover their own passions, while striving to accomplish their goals. This fall will be her 15th year of teaching. As a Titan alum, she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Adolescent Development and a Multiple Subject Teaching credential from California State University, Fullerton. Melisa has worked with a diverse group of students during her years of teaching, ranging from grades TK through 12th grade. She also has numerous years of experience teaching STEM with the Tiger Woods Foundation, through their enrichment and afterschool programs. As an educator, Melisa is driven by one philosophy; Inspire young people to believe in themselves and empower them to create positive change in the world. Melisa and LAEF are both excited to have her on board for her first summer teaching during SEI!

Tamara Copeland

Ms. Tamara Copeland is a seasoned educator who comes to Los Al from the Diocese of Orange and Huntington Beach City School District. She has 23 years experience in both public and private education serving as a primary and middle school teacher. She has several years of graduate studies under her belt and never sees herself quitting school. Ms. Copeland is an HB local and the proud mother of two young adults. Last spring, her daughter graduated from Oregon State University and is considering a career in education administration. This fall, her son will begin his junior year at UCLA as a history major and looks forward to being a high school teacher in the near future. In her free time, Ms. Copeland reads, enjoys walks on the beach, and cooks meals with friends. She is excited to teach during her first ever Summer Enrichment Institute.

Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer Duncan has been teaching at McGaugh Elementary for over twenty years.  She taught mostly 1, 2, and 5th Ms. Duncan enjoys teaching dance to fifth graders in McGaugh’s “Pageant of the Arts” and she also loves working with students of all abilities at McGaugh. She is a mom of an eighth grader and they love camping and taking adventures locally & to many of our National Parks. In her early years she traveled the world!  Currently she loves sharing her travel adventures and pictures to her current students.

Melodie Fox

Melodie graduated from Hope International University in Fullerton with a B.A. in Human Development and has taught in several private elementary schools throughout southern California for over twenty years. Developing her own curriculum and spear-heading an innovative after school program on the east coast, she moved back in CA to pursue her love of hands-on teaching in the classroom. She is currently a projects coordinator at Oakwood Academy in Long Beach and regularly teaches for LAEF after-school.

Angie Haas

Angie Haas has been a teacher at Hopkinson Elementary School for 25 years. She has taught 12 years in 1st grade and the last 13 in kindergarten. She is known as the “Bucket Filling” teacher and loves putting on PEACE Week and Kindness Week each year for all of Hopkinson to learn, grow, and love one another. She loves being outside walking, riding bikes, and having picnics with her family. She is excited to meet you and have fun learning! 

Brittany Milius

Brittany Milius is an enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to student learning. She earned her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at California State University Long Beach. She continued her education and has also earned her M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction. This past school year, Mrs. Milius taught at Weaver Elementary. She taught in the Reading Lab and 5th Grade math. Prior to joining the LAUSD family, she has taught 1st grade and 2nd/3rd grade combo. She is extremely excited to teach for LAEF this summer, to meet you and work with your children!

Kristin Moushon

Kristin has been teaching for 13 years and a member of the Los Al staff for 8. She holds a multiple-subject credential from Cal State Fullerton as well as a Science credential, and during the school year she teaches Science at Oak. She has taught several years of summer school with the District and is excited to join the LAEF summer enrichment team for her second consecutive year.

Aubree Snyder

Aubree Snyder has a Bachelor’s Degree and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Cal State Long Beach, and a Master’s Degree in teaching and learning from Liberty University. Aubree currently teaches 2nd grade at Lee Elementary. Having just made the challenging transition to distance learning with her students, Aubree is dedicated to coming up with new ways to make online learning purposeful and engaging.  

Darielle Tom

Dr. Tom has been teaching for Los Al Unified for over twenty years. She has taught in the classroom and also in the media center. She loves utilizing technology to teach coding, math, reading, and science to students aged kindergarten through fifth grade. 

Courtney Wilson

Courtney Wilson is a fourth grade teacher who currently teaches at Rossmoor Elementary School. She has taught fourth grade for six years in Northern California, Washington, and Los Al. This will be her second full year working in Los Alamitos and her second summer working with LAEF. 


Most frequent questions and answers, click the icons for answers.

How long are the Enrichment Camp courses?

Courses are one week long and 3 hours in length. The elementary campuses (Rossmoor and Weaver) operate from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm; students are limited to one class each during these hours. Register early to take advantage of Early Bird prices!

What types of courses are offered?

The courses offered focus on varying subjects (teacher’s choice) which may include art, crafts, SEL, team building, outdoor games, technology, drama or other.

I’d like my child to attend Enrichment Camps but we also want to go on our summer family vacation…help!

Our condensed one week sessions still allow plenty of time for family summer fun and travel. Take a look at our course catalog and see what best fits your child’s interests and your family’s summer schedule!

Give your child an incredibly fun, enriching opportunity for the summer… and keep them on track at the same time!

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Here are a few quotes from some SEI students, proud parents, and teachers:

“This was hands down the best school experience my son has ever had, and he usually struggles with school. He’s still talking about it. He loved Mrs. Duncan’s curriculum and loved having her as a teacher! I can’t say enough positive things about the two weeks he spent in the course. I was worried he wouldn’t like the masks or be scared, but it went so, so much better than I could’ve imagined.”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“LAEF is wonderful. I love the diversity of classes. My kids have taken Spanish, ASL, breakdancing, skateboarding, theatre, and science. It is so nice to be able to give them such a big array of activities without a huge commitment. They figure out what they like through exposure and good teachers, and then we can dig into the activities they want to keep doing. Can’t wait to go back to the in-school model when COVID is over so we can pick back up where we left off. Keep up the good work.”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“The kids really enjoyed both camps. They really enjoyed being with other classmates and learning from the teachers to get ready for the school year.”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“My son had a great time at both camps. We were very pleased with his experience. He is going into Kindergarten this year and it helped ease his anxiety about going to a new school after preschool.”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“Dr. Tom was amazing! Just the boost our child needed before entering 1st grade! Thank you LAEF, for providing this academic and social experience for our children! We also heard wonderful things about the STEAM class, especially the hands on projects and opportunity to try new things!”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“The kids said the Steam camp they attended got better and more awesome everyday with fun projects assisted by caring and nurturing instructors”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“My child was so HAPPY that she could go to camp with other kids to learn and play!”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“My son truly enjoyed going. He can’t stop talking about how amazing his teacher was. The learning activities were catchy and interesting. The socializing was amazing as well.”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“My kids loved the STEM camp at Rossmoor elementary. “

Enrichment Camp Parent

“The program was extremely well run! The children enjoyed time with their friends and being back in the school setting. Even some of the academics. They both loved playing and crafts in class”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“They loved interacting with other kiddos and the teacher. I felt like it was the most they have learned since March and got that spark for learning back. So much more than I can do for them.”

Enrichment Camp Parent

“Thank you for taking a leap of faith to provide in person services for the children. My children loved seeing their peers and connecting with the awesome teachers!”

Enrichment Camps Parent

“I was so pleased with this program. I believe my children benefitted much more from learning from others and interacting with other children socially. I would absolutely sign them up for this camp and others in the future. Thank you.”

Enrichment Camp Parent

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