LAEF’s Enrichment Camps

For kids age 4-11

Camp 1: August 3 – 7 at Rossmoor Elementary
Camp 2: August 10-14 at Weaver Elementary

9:00am to 12:00pm


Registration for Enrichment Camps is Closed

Scholarships for Enrichment Camps Are now closed

2020 Enrichment Camp Flyers are posted below!

Please note that the Multi-Class discount applies to the Enrichment Camp only. It does NOT apply to Summer Camps for Sports or the Arts or the High School Health Graduation class.

2020 Enrichment Camp Descriptions

Please note that each camp differs from week 1 to week 2.
The camps are the same from the morning to afternoon during the same week.

Teacher Bios – 2020 Enrichment Camps


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Here are a few quotes from some SEI students, proud parents, and teachers:

"This was hands down the best school experience my son has ever had, and he usually struggles with school. He’s still talking about it. He loved Mrs. Duncan’s curriculum and loved having her as a teacher! I can’t say enough positive things about the two weeks he spent in the course. I was worried he wouldn’t like the masks or be scared, but it went so, so much better than I could’ve imagined."
Enrichment Camp Parent
"LAEF is wonderful. I love the diversity of classes. My kids have taken Spanish, ASL, breakdancing, skateboarding, theatre, and science. It is so nice to be able to give them such a big array of activities without a huge commitment. They figure out what they like through exposure and good teachers, and then we can dig into the activities they want to keep doing. Can't wait to go back to the in-school model when COVID is over so we can pick back up where we left off. Keep up the good work."
Enrichment Camp Parent
"The kids really enjoyed both camps. They really enjoyed being with other classmates and learning from the teachers to get ready for the school year."
Enrichment Camp Parent
"My son had a great time at both camps. We were very pleased with his experience. He is going into Kindergarten this year and it helped ease his anxiety about going to a new school after preschool."
Enrichment Camp Parent
"Dr. Tom was amazing! Just the boost our child needed before entering 1st grade! Thank you LAEF, for providing this academic and social experience for our children! We also heard wonderful things about the STEAM class, especially the hands on projects and opportunity to try new things!"
Enrichment Camp Parent
"The kids said the Steam camp they attended got better and more awesome everyday with fun projects assisted by caring and nurturing instructors"
Enrichment Camp Parent
"My child was so HAPPY that she could go to camp with other kids to learn and play!"
Enrichment Camp Parent
"My son truly enjoyed going. He can’t stop talking about how amazing his teacher was. The learning activities were catchy and interesting. The socializing was amazing as well."
Enrichment Camp Parent
"My kids loved the STEM camp at Rossmoor elementary. "
Enrichment Camp Parent
"The program was extremely well run! The children enjoyed time with their friends and being back in the school setting. Even some of the academics. They both loved playing and crafts in class"
Enrichment Camp Parent
"They loved interacting with other kiddos and the teacher. I felt like it was the most they have learned since March and got that spark for learning back. So much more than I can do for them."
Enrichment Camp Parent
"Thank you for taking a leap of faith to provide in person services for the children. My children loved seeing their peers and connecting with the awesome teachers!"
Enrichment Camps Parent
"I was so pleased with this program. I believe my children benefitted much more from learning from others and interacting with other children socially. I would absolutely sign them up for this camp and others in the future. Thank you."
Enrichment Camp Parent