Spring 2024 class offerings are available Below!

SPRING 2024 Session Dates
January 29 to May 13

FREE Online World Language Session Dates
February 6 to May 13, 2024

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After School Enrichment

Here are the benefits of After School Enrichment Programs:

  • Give children activity choices, engage them in enrichment activities, and support socialization and team learning.
  • Pay academic dividends during the school day, whether or not the class is classified as “academic,” because programs feature reading, language comprehension and analytic thought.
  • Provide opportunities for group projects in music, art, theatre, and computer activities.
  • Let students connect with teachers in a lower teacher-child ratio setting.
  • Allow students greater flexibility to make choices in their class activities, which research connects to better social skills with classroom peers.
  • Decreases screen time for children! In numerous studies, time viewing television has been associated with lower reading achievement and more frequent behavior problems among children.


*LAEF classes will not be held on holidays, "Non-Student" days,
during Parent-Teacher Conferences or on Open House day.