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LAEF Supports STEAM at All Elementary Schools!

LAEF is an independent, non-profit organization providing enrichment classes and extraordinary educational experiences that benefit EVERY STUDENT, at every level, in every school in the Los Alamitos Unified School District. After-School Enrichment Programs and our Summer Enrichment Institute keep students learning all year.

Volunteer Opportunities

LAEF loves volunteers!  We have many opportunities for you to donate your time, skills, knowledge, ideas and passion for our students through our committees and at our events.  You can make a difference for students!
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Corporate Grants

If your organization offers grants for educational enrichment, please help connect us!  Our job is to provide funds for educational experiences for every student within our District and we can’t do that without your personal and corporate donations. More About Grants

College Readiness

LAEF believes that it’s never too early to excite and prepare our children for college, even as early as kindergarten.  Research shows that students who continually hear reinforcing messages about college throughout their education are more committed to BECOMING college-bound students. Learn More Now

Board Members & Staff

LAEF is made up of a very passionate group of people committed to supporting students within our District to have ongoing educational enrichment opportunities.  Meet the Board Members, Advisors and Staff and find out why they do this work and why it matters. Meet the Team

A letter from The Superintendent of Schools

"With LAEF’s support, over 99% of Los Alamitos Unified students graduate from high school.  Even more exceptional, nearly 70% of our students meet all CSU/UC entrance requirements, and this percentage continues to climb every year!  I am proud to serve as an active Advisor to LAEF, and LAUSD is committed to continue to partner with LAEF for the success of all children within our district."

--Dr. Sherry Kropp, Superintendent, Los Alamitos Unified School District


Student Quote
"I learned a lot in my art class at SEI. The best part was doing all the art projects. I loved using colored pastels and paint. It was so much fun."
--Rochelle Ner, 1st grader
Parent Quote
"LAEF is doing great things!  In the past few years our three children have participated in various offerings from LAEF, like the Summer Enrichment courses, the After-School Art classes and even the Young Americans weekend program." Continue Reading...
--Eric and Kristi Kirkendall
Educator Quote
It was a privilege to join SEI as an educator this last summer because it was a chance to teach subjects I love and are close to my heart: “Jump Start First Grade” and “Poetry.” The jump start program is well named...we jumped into the beginning of the first grade year!  Students were introduced to mathwall, writer's workshop, reader's workshop and CGI at a first grade level. The smaller class sizes and highly engaged students allowed for a quick jump into material. Continue Reading...
--April Schmietenknop , First Grade Teacher, Lee Elementary