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After-School Enrichment Programs

Offered ON CAMPUS at Los Alamitos USD Schools!

You will find flyers, class descriptions and teacher bios below.  Are you ready to register for classes?  Click HERE!

Classes for Fall 2017 are under development.
School flyers will be posted on Friday, August 18, and registration will open on Tuesday, August 22.
The theme for Fall 2017 is Bugging Out!
Classes begin on September 21 (Sept. 7 at Weaver) and end in December.

Feel free to check out the flyers below for a sample of our offerings.

Spring 2017 After-School Program Flyers

Click HERE for the Hopkinson flyer

Click HERE for the LAE flyer

Click HERE for the Lee flyer

Click HERE for the McGaugh flyer

Click HERE for the Rossmoor flyer

Click HERE for the Weaver flyer

Please note: all families that participate in Kids Korner extended daycare MUST complete the required release form prior to the start of LAEF Classes!

Click HERE for the McAuliffe flyer

Click HERE for the Oak flyer

Click HERE for the LAHS flyer

Click HERE for the Pre-School flyer (Lee CDC)

Spring 2017 After-School Clinic Flyers – Registration is now closed.

Click HERE for the Junior Color Guard flyer

Click HERE for the Junior Drumline flyer

Click HERE for the Mat Monsters Wrestling flyer

Click HERE for the Mat Monsters Elite Wrestling Club flyer

Click HERE for the Dance Program Clinic flyer

LAEF – No Class Days

No class days for LAEF at all Elementary Schools except for Weaver
Mondays- February 20, March 13, and April 17
Tuesdays- March 14, and April 18
Wednesdays – March 15, and April 19
Thursdays- February 16 (McGaugh only), February 23 (all schools except McGaugh), March 16, and April 20
Fridays- March 3 and 17, April 21

No class days for LAEF at Weaver
Mondays – February 20, March 13, April 10 and 17
Tuesdays- March 14, April 11 and 18
Wednesdays- March 15, April 12 and 19
Thursdays- February 23, March 16, and April 13 and 20
Fridays- March 3 and 17, April 14 and 21

No Class days for McAuliffe and Oak
Mondays- February 20 and April 17
Tuesdays – April 11 and 18
Wednesdays – April 5, 12, and 19
Thursdays – April 13 and 20

No class days for LAEF at LAHS
Mondays-February 20
Wednesdays- January 25

Spring 2017 Class Descriptions

American Sign Language – ASL is a fun, interactive, hands-on second language! Learning ASL has many cognitive benefits such as higher abstract and creative thinking, better problem-solving, better listening skills and greater academic achievement. Students will present what they have learned at the end of the session.

Architecture LEGO® – LEGO Architecture is a super fun and exciting class where students will learn about simple architectural concepts in a fun and creative way! Students will design and build sky scrapers, columns, arches, piers, skylines, and more with LEGOS! The session will end with the students building their own city incorporating all the ideas they learned about during the class! Each child will receive a LEGO gift along with a certification of participation on the last day of class.

Basketball – Got Game? Learn all the skills it takes to be a master on the court! Learn how to improve your shooting, passing, catching and rebounding skills! Instructors will teach you about player positioning, dribbling, ball handling and team concepts. Instruction includes offensive tactics such as shot selection and scoring while defensive tactics emphasize positioning and pressure from various areas of the court. Leveled instruction allows our coaches to have a big impact on how students play the game; making this class suitable for beginner through advanced players. Its Tip-Off time…meet you on the courts.

Breakdance 101 – Learn this dynamic and entertaining form of dance! Students will be introduced to the world of breakdance and learn moves like TopRock, Six-Step, Freezes, Swipes and more!

Culinary Workshop – These classes will integrate academic components such as math, science, history, kitchen safety and nutrition into creative cooking lessons. The menu from which your young chef will cook is carefully and lovingly created to reflect the change in seasons and the vibrant array of delicious foods from around the world. Ingredients are sources from local farms to maintain our farm-to-table philosophy. The teacher is Feride Buyuran and her bio is below.

Digital Media and Film – Come and get an introduction to the world of digital media. Learn to create and edit photographs and video while working on your own music video.

Duplo LEGO® (Simple Machines) – REVISED DESCRIPTION: Students will be working with Duplo LEGOs while learning a wide variety of engineering topics. Students will learn organizational and fine motor skills, as well as team work and other life strategies! Through this course the students will discover simple machines (gears, levers, wheels & pulleys) by engaging in fun activities and guided play. Each child will receive a LEGO gift along with a certificate of participation on the last day of class.

Fun with Food – Young students will create culinary masterpieces in this hands-on cooking class. Students will be growing, cooking, and tasting different foods! Cooking is amazingly appealing to their tactile senses; pouring, stirring and touching can teach cooperation and a sense of pride in their creations. We hope that our students will develop life-long appreciation for nutritious food and good eating habits. Kids will find fruits and vegetable yummy at the end of this exciting class!

Girls Self Defense- Kenpo Karate with an emphasis on practical self-defense for girls as well as empowerment.

Jiu Jitsu – This class will focus on bully prevention and self-defense while helping students gain confidence in their physical abilities using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Kenpo Karate – Kids of all ages learn self-discipline and respect in this physical fitness class. Basic Karate techniques will improve student strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.

Kids Choir- Students will learn vocal technique, basic music theory as well as how to perform a song. Using both classic and contemporary songs as a guide, students will enjoy learning how to portray character and emotion giving each song meaning. We will incorporate free-form dance to loosen up the body and strengthen the diaphragm.

Kids Yoga – In this class students will learn and practice simple yogic postures, proper breathing habits and participate in a relaxation technique. Practicing yoga postures will develop coordination and body awareness. Beginner breathing and relaxation techniques will boast a calm mind, thus improving concentration and learning ability. If students can learn to relax and be still they will be able to channel their energy positively which will promote overall well-being.

LEGO® Robotics – Swing like a monkey, fly like a bird, or hop like a frog into LEGO Robotics. Whether in zoos, on the farm, or in your own back yard, we all encounter animals in our lives. LEGO Robotics will ignite the creativity of children while they dive into the wonders of the anima l kingdom through inventive playful experience building robots.

Lemonade Stand Economics – It’s the classic lemonade stand with a new twist! Students become young entrepreneurs learning business and marketing skills as they plan and run a lemonade stand. Students will use reading, writing, math, science, business and collaboration skills in creating a successful lemonade stand.

Mandarin – Immerse your child in the Mandarin language. Students will familiarize themselves with Chinese culture through music and art.

Minecraft Creations: Discover 3D modeling and printing as you create models of your favorite video game characters. Manipulate basic shapes and build your own unique designs to bring home.

Musical Theater (Henning) – This fun and energetic class consists of singing, acting, and dancing! Students will enjoy learning musical numbers, acting and improv techniques, as well as performance preparation! This class encourages self-expression and discovery through the art of theatre.

Ocean Art- Students will learn and explore new processes and techniques for creating surf art. The class will focus on having the students practice visual problem solving and learning creative self-direction. There will be an emphasis on learning the fundamentals of art through trial and experimentation in the realm of the surf and ocean life.

Ride the Wave Art Class with Mrs. Epps – Students will create art works based on the ocean theme. Students will learn about artists whose subject matter involved the ocean or surfing including Hokusai and John Van Hamersveld. Students will experience a variety of mediums including clay, collage, printmaking, colored pencils, pastel chalk, acrylic and tempera paints.

Salsa – Get your dancing feet ready for this upbeat Latin Ballroom Dance-Salsa! Students will enjoy learning west coast style or “On 1″ ballroom salsa. They will get a feel for basic ballroom technique such as how to lead and follow, and basic dance technique including such things as dance posture, pointed toes, and spotting. They will also develop their “eye” for good lines in watching others and there will be plenty of opportunity to add their own flare! No previous dance experience required.

Safari Science Adventure – We are hunting down the weird, unusual, and the strangest things in science! We’ll journey to find the most dangerous animals on earth including blow fish and the sea snails. We’ll explore the science behind spider webs, exploding candy and snot! If it’s weird and it’s out there, Safari Science Adventure will track it down. Join our expedition.

Sports Wheel – The goal of this class is to create awareness and excitement for beginning athletes. Students will be enthralled by two different exciting sports; soccer and t-ball. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of physical activity in everyday life, teamwork, dealing with adversity, problem solving, and sportsmanship.

Strategic Magic – Strategic Magic promotes public speaking through the performance art of magic! Students will learn different magic tricks and will craft some of their own magic gear! Children will learn motor skills, team work, performance skills, and more! Students will present their magic tricks at the end of the session. Each child will receive a magic gift and certification of participation on the last day.

Surf Art – Please join us for this class as we learn and explore through traditional and innovative methods of painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Students will have the opportunity to develop the new skills learned in each medium to their artworks and will be encouraged to apply endless creativity to each project to make them unique and one of a kind. Using the Elements and Principles of Art, students will embark on a journey of self-expression. Students will use watercolor, collage, clay, and pastels to create colorful masterpieces of ocean life and surf. Students will also learn artistic concepts such as color mixing, value, perspective and pattern.

Surfeo Safari – Immerse your child in the Spanish language. Instructional focus is on building Spanish vocabulary, conversational dialogue and cultural awareness. We’re going to be learning about Surf and life in the Ocean including animals, plants and the climate!

Surfeo Safari (Kinder) – Immerse your kindergartners in the Spanish language. We’re going to be learning about Surf and life in the Ocean including animals, plants and the climate! Instructional focus is on beginning Spanish Vocabulary.

Voice and Movement – Students in this upbeat class will learn vocal technique, basic music theory as well as how to perform a song. Using both classic and contemporary songs as a guide, students will enjoy learning how to portray character and emotion, giving each song meaning. We will incorporate free-form dance to loosen up the body and strengthen the diaphragm. This is the perfect class for the child that loves to sing.

Website Design – In this information packed, fun-filled class, young artists will learn basic page building techniques for creating a professional quality web site. From storyboards and page building to digital design and page linking, students will develop creative techniques step-by-step. By the end of the class students will actually post their pages to the World Wide Web. Perfect for family projects or school related activities.

Yoga (6th-8th) – Preparing students for a future of mindfulness – In this class students will learn to practice effectively common yogic postures like Cobra, Warrior and Bridge pose which will improve and enhance their physical strength, flexibility and self-body image. Breathing techniques like Natural and Yogic breathing will be practiced to improve concentration and awareness. Visualization and relaxation techniques will allow them to stay calm and mindful. Integrating these practices in daily life will reduce adolescent emotional distress and anxiety and positively help to manage exam stress and peer pressure.

Teacher Bios – Spring 2017

Feride Buyuran – Feride is the five-time award-winning author of “Pomegranates & Saffron: A Culinary Journey to Azerbaijan.” She is the creator of, a popular food blog that features recipes, stories, and Feride’s food photography. Feride is also a culinary instructor who teaches at home and in cooking schools, and a speaker on food history topics. Feride has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in English Philology from the State University of Languages in Azerbaijan. She also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from California State University. Feride lives in Long Beach, California, with her husband, their two kids and two dogs.

Silvia Chavez – Silvia Chavez received her Bachelors’ degree in Spanish Literature from UCLA, her Masters’ degree in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from CSULA and her Single Subject Teaching Credential in Spanish from CSULB. Silvia loves to travel and go out of the country at least once a year with her family. Lastly, she believes in teaching kids the importance of education, dedication and hard work but most importantly she believes that every child can learn!

Andrew Cortes – Andrew lives and works out of his home and studio in Los Angeles. He is primarily a painter and received his BFA from California State University Long Beach. He also works on installation and collaborative multi-media projects with other local and international artists, curators, and creatives. With his students, he fuses a traditional skilled foundation in art making with more contemporary philosophy and art-practice currently happening.

Jilynn Elliott – Jilynn is currently a full-time faculty member at University of Phoenix where she teaches English. She previously taught elementary school in Los Angeles where she worked in a dual immersion program working with Spanish and English speakers. She studied Spanish in Argentina and attended La Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires. She earned her BA in Liberal Arts at Chapman University and her MA in Linguistics at CSULB.

Terri Epps is in her 18th year as McGaugh Elementary School’s Art Lab teacher. She creates a comprehensive art program, providing all students with an intensive visual arts education based on the California Visual Arts Standards. Each year at McGaugh, Mrs. Epps designs an original art curriculum based on the art work, life and techniques of the school-wide featured artist. Mrs. Epps directs the art production each year for the annual award winning McGaugh Pageant of the Arts performance and has represented LAUSD on the Very Special Arts of Orange County Committee for 17 years. Terri was the recipient of the Outstanding Arts Educator Award from the Orange County Music and Arts Administrators in 2004.

Melodie Fox graduated from Hope International University in Fullerton with a B.A. in Human Development and has taught in several private elementary schools throughout southern California for over twenty years. Developing her own curriculum and spear-heading an innovative after school program on the east coast, she moved back in CA to pursue her love of hands-on teaching in the classroom. She is currently a projects coordinator at Oakwood Academy in Long Beach.

Kiyomi Fukui – Kiyomi is a Japanese-American artist who lives and works in Long Beach. Recent exhibitions include Poetics of Relation, DAC Gallery, Los Angeles; Thread, El Camino Art Gallery, Torrance; and Bloom Polylogue, Gallery 211, Santa Ana. She received an MFA in Printmaking from California State University Long Beach and a BFA in Graphic Design from La Sierra University. In addition to producing print-based artwork, Kiyomi also practices participatory performance and fiber arts, such as tatting and crocheting.

Global Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organization, evolved in the last 20 years, and in the current form since 2009. Their mission is to help individuals to achieve their professional, career and personal goals to be globally versatile and competitive. The professional and volunteer staff brings together multifaceted talents and experiences, and more importantly passion and caring. They administer US Federal, State, Local funded programs; offer language and cultural classes for preschoolers to adults; and organize exchange programs and tours.

Sonya Henning – Sonia has been teaching voice, musical theater, and dance for the past ten years. She holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton in Theatre Arts and continues to perform herself in both theatre and television. Ms. Henning owns and operates an academy for arts in Long Beach, Emerging Artists Musical Theatre Academy, where the mission is to give every child the opportunity to experience a performing arts education.

Rose Hennings – Rose is a highly-qualified teacher who is a Griffin for life. Educated in the Los Alamitos school system and at California State University, Long Beach, she has taught Entrepreneurship and Accounting at LAHS for 15 years. She currently teaches Business Finance and Retail Careers with North Orange County ROP.

David Lebovitz – David has professional experience encompassing all aspects of digital production: Producing, Art Direction, Management, Artist, Editorial and Finishing over a wide variety of projects including broadcast television, feature film and trailers, marketing, and advertising presentations. He has been a freelance digital artist/designer as well as a finishing editor-smoke artist and interactive designer for Disney, the Hallmark Channel and Technicolor. David graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. David is looking forward to teaching the students in this tight knit community.

Mark Lengsfeld, President of Build It Workspace – Mark Lengsfeld is a mechanical engineer, inventor, educator, designer, builder and entrepreneur. Dedicated to inspiring his community to join the Maker Movement, Mark established Build It Workspace, where children and adults have affordable access to advanced computerized machines and traditional tools to create their ideas. One of his goals at Build It Workspace is to enable anyone to learn the variety of tools and machines that are available to find the most cost-effective solutions to build what they want.

Bounrith Ly – Pending

Morgan Martin – Morgan is in her sixth year of teaching, and in that time, she has taught science to all grades six through twelve. She currently teaches sixth grade earth science and seventh grade life science at Oak Middle School. In addition to teaching science, Morgan is a coach for the Science Olympiad team and is providing assistance to Oak students for the STEAM fair and STEAM showcase. As a Los Alamitos graduate, Morgan loves working for her alma mater.

Play-Well Teknologies – Our instructors have varied careers and educational backgrounds (mechanical engineering, architecture, biology, art, geology, education, civil engineering, etc.). More importantly, they all share a common enthusiasm for kids, engineering, and LEGO. Many of our instructors have been leading classes and directing summer camps for several years. The instructor may not be determined until shortly before the first class meeting. An assistant instructor will be added at our discretion.

Bruno Pontes – Bruno loves empowering people through sports. Bruno grew up playing soccer and swimming in a small town in Brasil. When he and his parents moved to the United States, Mr. Pontes maintained an active life by playing a range of different sports. He played volleyball, tennis, basketball, and soccer. Mr. Pontes is a first degree black belt in Hapkido, which is a Korean martial arts. Bruno has taught several classes in Hapkido and discovered that he loved the sparkle in his students’ eyes when they learned a new move that he had taught them. As a result, Mr. Pontes decided to pursue a career in teaching physical education. This choice led him to attend CSU Long Beach where he will be finishing up his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology in the Spring 2017. Mr. Pontes is excited to teach the students of Los Alamitos how to live healthy lifestyles through playing sports, eating healthy and exercising regularly all while having fun!

Coralie Prince – Coralie Prince’s life has been music from the time she was born! Her father was a singer/songwriter/pianist and producer of shows. Mother, a nurse, performed at home and supported the arts. Coralie began piano when she was a toddler and violin when she was 6. She most recently taught elementary classroom music at Hopkinson and Lee both from 1980 to 2014. She directed grade level shows and produced, directed, accompanied a large musical each year with the 5th grade and/or the 4/5 chorus. She taught piano privately for many years and later, a summer Musical Theater Workshop for grades 3 thru 12. She is so excited to continue working with the students in the LAEF Musical Theater Class.

Michael Rollins – Michael is a professional artist and instructor. He received his MFA from California State University Long Beach, where he now teaches painting. Before moving to California Michael’s time was spent at his home in Arizona and studying in Colorado. Both places provided Michael with encouraging environments which inspired him in the formative years of his artistic career. Michael paints in-depth abstract environments in very large scale and works in a variety of mediums.

Rachel Schiller – Rachel holds an Associates Degree in Sign Language Interpreting for the Deaf from Golden West College. She has over ten years of experience working with children.

Daniele Schugg – Daniele Schugg grew up in Rossmoor and attended UCLA where she graduated in 2015 with a degree in International Development and Spanish. After graduation, she took off for Madrid, Spain to teach English for a year and to feed her travel obsession. Upon coming back home, she felt the urge to teach English abroad again; so, she moved to a rural town in Mexico to teach English and to work at a sustainable hotel nearby. Now back at home, she plans on becoming a substitute teacher for LAUSD and is looking forward to the Surfeo Safari after-school adventure!

Meet Sidhu- Meet Sidhu is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) with Yoga Alliance and has completed 500 hours of Teacher Training. She is a Certified IndeaYoga teacher with formal Hatha yoga teacher training from Mysore, India under the knowledge and guidance of Yogacharaya Bharath Shetty, founder of IndeaYoga (RYS). She also has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and economics. She teaches all ages and particularly enjoys teaching children because she feels young minds need to be directed towards developing healthy bodies and calm minds for them to prosper in all aspects of life. Her favourite daily mantra is “teach from the heart”.

Andrea Solow – Andrea Solow has been a student of Kenpo Karate for over 30 years and is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt. She has been the International champion six times and has won more than 150 1st place trophies in her tournament career. Ms. Solow owned and operated a karate school in Telluride, Colorado for 15 years. She has instructed several hundred people over the years, having many advanced students, and bringing several people to the rank of black belt. She recently moved back to her home state, California, with her husband and two children who attend school at Weaver. Ms. Solow is passionate about teaching kids and is excited to be an instructor for the LAEF program!

Strategic Kids – program instructors have experience working with elementary aged children. They have energetic and fun personalities that inspire kids.

Mary Vaghn – Mary directs choir at a local High School and Elementary School. She also directs musicals for ages 4 to 18 in LA and Orange County. She loves to engage and inspire her students through music. Skills she teaches in all her classes help with confidence, self esteem and public appearances.

Shea Vititow – Shea moved to Southern California in 2005 to attend California State University Long Beach, where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Drawing and Painting. She has enjoyed teaching kids painting and ceramics classes, as well as teaching within elementary schools for over ten years. Shea has enjoyed settling down in Seal Beach where she raises her family and also teaches local yoga classes.

Christopher Vu is one of our newest additions to the LAEF team and is currently finishing up his Kinesiology degree at California State University, Long Beach with the goal of becoming a sports performance coach. Along with his student life, Chris also plays on the Men’s Club Volleyball team and serves as one of the team captains. Prior to this point in his life, Chris was a four-year basketball and volleyball player in high school before he went on to join the Golden West College Men’s Volleyball team, where he would help them win the 2013 State Championship. Aside from his athletic background, he loves to going to the beach, watching movies, working out, and coaching athletes of all ages.

Arnold Weintraub – Dr. Weintraub has been teaching since 1966. He received his BA degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a double major in English and Speech Communication. He received his MA and PHD degrees in Speech Communication from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He taught English at every level, ranging from remedial through AP Honors. He coached Debate for 11 years at Omaha Central High School. He has also taught several courses in Speech Communication at El Camino College and Golden West College. Dr. Weintraub is an enthusiastic teacher and served as a walk-on coach at Los Alamitos High School, coaching the Debate team and the Mock Trial team.

Jerry Wetzel – Jerry Wetzel is founder of Red Zone Threat Management and travels nationally and internationally teaching seminars to members of the DEA, Local Law Enforcement, and civilians on the topic of personal protection. He is the author of the book “Red Zone Prime: A Foundation for Personal Protection”. In addition he is a passionate instructor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts which he teaches at the facility he has owned and operated for the last 14 years, Centerline Martial Arts and Fitness. Jerry runs kids classes daily in mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as the kids BJJ competition team. He has one child who is a Weaver student as well as one who just left Weaver to move into 6th grade at Oak. Jerry firmly believes that every child has the right to enjoy their school days without fear of being bullied and is committed to helping them develop the necessary tools and attitude to help them on their journey.

Brian Wright – WeBreak Hip-Hop Dance Company was founded in 2011 by Brian Wright. Brian Wright is a natural and gifted instructor in dance and has been teaching dance for the past 12 years. He loves working with children, teens and adults and has been dancing for over 17 years and breakdancing for over 12 years. He, along with a friend, founded and designed the California State University Breakers, a campus club committed to teaching the art form of breaking at Cal State University Long Beach. The CSULB Breakers won the very first intercollegiate breakdance competition at LMU in 2006. Brian also received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from CSULB.


Aside from the FUN, innovative classes offered, did you know quality After School Programs:

  • Give children activity choices, engage them in enrichment activities, and support socialization and team learning
  • Pay academic dividends during the school day, whether or not the class is classified as “academic,” because programs feature reading, language comprehension and analytic thought
  • Provide opportunities for group projects which enhance children’s learning, as do music, art, theatre, and computer activities, as well as reading for pleasure and writing for an audience
  • Let students connect with teachers in a lower teacher-child ratio setting. Such meaningful interactions are associated with more positive interactions, less negativity, and more flexible and age-appropriate activities
  • Allow students (most markedly boys) greater flexibility to make choices in their class activities, which research connects to better social skills with classroom peers
  • Can decrease TV viewing behavior in children!! Researchers found that children watch far more television at home after school than they do at after-school programs. In numerous studies, time viewing television has been associated with lower reading achievement and more frequent behavior problems among children.


LAEF’s After School Programs…where Los Al students have fun and parents have peace of mind!  Have questions about programs? E-mail our Program Director at