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After-School Enrichment Programs

Offered ON CAMPUS at Los Al USD Schools

You will find flyers, class descriptions and teacher bios below.  Are you ready to register for classes?  Click HERE!


Fall Enrichment Classes are Coming Soon!
The Fall Session will begin the week of Sept. 4 (August 27 at Weaver).
The theme for Fall 2018 is Dinosaur Adventures! Stay tuned for class offerings. Registration will be available in early August.


Registration is now closed for the Spring Session!
The Spring Session runs from January 22 to May 18 except Weaver which will end on May 25.
The theme for Spring 2018 is Medieval Times!


Spring 2018 After-School Program Flyers – for your reference

Click HERE for the Hopkinson flyer

Click HERE for the LAE flyer

Click HERE for the Lee flyer

Click HERE for the McGaugh flyer

Click HERE for the Rossmoor flyer

Click HERE for the Weaver flyer

Please note: all families that participate in Kids Korner extended daycare MUST complete the required release form prior to the start of LAEF Classes!

To download and print EDCC Activity Release Form, click HERE.

Click HERE for the Pre-School flyer (Lee CDC)

Click HERE for the Pre-School flyer (Weaver CDC)

Click HERE for the Pre-School flyer (Hopkinson CDC)


Click HERE for the McAuliffe’s Robotics flyer

Click HERE for the Oak flyer

Click HERE for the LAHS flyer


Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Clinic Flyers

Click HERE for the Mat Monsters flyer

Click HERE for the May 2018 Dance Clinic flyer

LAEF – No Class Days

No class days for LAEF at all Elementary Schools (Including CDC) except for Weaver:
Mondays – February 19, March 12 and April 2
Tuesdays – March 13 and April 3
Wednesdays – March 14 and April 4
Thursdays – March 15, (March 29 – LAE & McGaugh), April 5 and (April 19 – Hopkinson, Lee & Rossmoor)
Fridays – February 9, March 16 and April 6

No class days for LAEF at Weaver:
Mondays – February 19, March 12, March 26 and April 2
Tuesdays – March 13, March 27 and April 3
Wednesdays – March 14, March 28 and April 4
Thursdays – March 15, April 5 and April 19
Fridays – February 9, March 16, March 30 and April 6

No Class days for McAuliffe and Oak:
Mondays- February 19 and April 2
Tuesdays – April 3 and April 10
Wednesdays – April 4, April 11 and April 18
Thursdays – April 5 and April 12
Fridays – January 26, February 9, April 6 and April 13

Spring 2018 Class Descriptions

American Sign Language – ASL is a fun, interactive, hands-on second language! Learning ASL has many cognitive benefits such as higher abstract and creative thinking, better problem-solving, better listening skills and greater academic achievement. Students will present what they have learned at the end of the session.

Arduino/Computer Programming – Want to learn the basics of electronics and programming? Take this introductory course to learn how to make your own projects using components such as breadboards, LEDs, mini speakers, seven-segment displays, and more. Arduino boards are an inexpensive and user-friendly option for a wide range of electronics projects and can be utilized by people of all skill levels. Students will learn how to wire and program an Arduino board to perform various tasks. By the end of this course students will have an understanding of basic electronics and its applications as well as the skill set to complete their own projects at home.

Breakdance 101 – Learn this dynamic and entertaining form of dance! Students will be introduced to the world of breakdance and learn moves like TopRock, Six-Step, Freezes, Swipes and more!

Dance the Hula – Moana Style – Covering the forms of Tahitian, Hawaiian and Samoan dance, our Hula classes cover a variety of different techniques and styles used throughout the various islands. Class includes basic step technique, traditional routines as well as the use of implements (such as poi balls).

Driver’s Education – This in-class teen Driver’s Education program is approved by the DMV to comply with California requirements to earn an instructional permit. *This class does not cover behind the-wheel training.

Girls Self Defense – Kenpo Karate with an emphasis on practical self-defense for girls as well as empowerment.

Gymnastics – This Beginning/Intermediate Gymnastic class will introduce your child to the exciting sport of gymnastics! Our program will teach your child stretching, loco motor skills, and basic gymnastics skills on the vault, bars, balance beam, and floor. Your child will improve coordination, strength, and developmental skills in a fun and safe environment. Gymnasts will be challenged with skill progressions as they advance in their abilities.

Jazz/Funk Dance – This class combines hip hop and jazz funk to give students an opportunity to learn different styles of dance. Students dance to the latest upbeat music and today’s popular radio songs. This class will leave the students with an unforgettable dance experience while learning different dance skills all while making friends and bouncing along to their favorite songs. Students will learn basic foundations of hip hop and jazz funk (fusion of ballet + jazz often set to music that tells a story), learning rhythm and musicality. Dancers will follow choreography and learn basic street dance movement. Classes will start off with basic warm up, across the floor to learn technique and a class break down of a dance combination and ends will a cool down. This class will allow students to explore rhythmical and percussive movements of hip hop and graceful technique of jazz. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about showcasing their artistry.

Jiu Jitsu – This class will focus on bully prevention and self-defense while helping students gain confidence in their physical abilities using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Kenpo Karate – Students of all ages learn self-discipline and respect in this physical fitness class. Basic Karate techniques will improve student strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.

Kids Choir- Students will learn vocal technique, basic music theory as well as how to perform a song. Using both classic and contemporary songs as a guide, students will enjoy learning how to portray character and emotion giving each song meaning. We will incorporate free-form dance to loosen up the body and strengthen the diaphragm.

LAEF Sports – The mission of LAEF After-School Sports Program is to provide an enjoyable experience for each student. Over the course of 14 weeks, your student will learn the basics of a variety of different sports and have experience competing in each of them. Every 1-hour class will help develop motor skills, build self-confidence, encourage sportsmanship, push perseverance, teach responsibility and guide a healthy future. It is important for youth to participate in different sports in order to get distinctive muscles working allowing for them to get familiar with how their body works. Regardless of skill or ability, each student will participate under positive supervision ensuring self-esteem while respecting oneself and classmates to improve the quality of youth sports experience. Through teamwork, friendship building and learning the nature of winning and losing, LAEF After-School Sports Program is an environment with ingredients for comprehensive learning outside of the classroom.

LEGO Storytellers – Super Heroes! – “With great power comes great responsibility.” Dive into the fascinating and exhilarating world of superheroes. Explore superheroes, villains and the worlds in which they live. Students will use fun facts and logic to help solve the dilemmas superheroes find themselves in on a regular basis. Along the way students will create wonderful stories of adventure and drama. You have the power it takes. Get ready for this wild and marvelous adventure with LEGO®. Students will use DUPLO Lego storytelling sets for the first part of the semester & move to Superhero storytelling Lego kits during the second half of the semester.

LEGO Star Wars Animation – Take your imagination to a galaxy far far away and make a movie in this exciting Lego class. We’ll supply the Legos, or you can bring in your own Star Wars Lego minifigure to cast in your very own Star Wars themed movie! The ideas will be yours, the sets will be built by you, and you will operate the iPods(provided) to bring your masterpiece to the big screen. You will even lay down a voice-over and choose the perfect music to fit the mood. Whether it’s a re-creation of your favorite Star Wars movie or a unique adventure in another galaxy, this class is the ultimate chance to bring your Star Wars Lego masterpiece to life using the art of Stop-Motion-Animation! All student films will be available to view and download.

LEGO Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi – in this fun class students will learn about character development, symbols, settings, parts of a story and more. They will also have to solve problems where characters are in a tough situation then use LEGO®s to present a creative solution to the class. Other skills that will be developed in this class include, writing, public speaking, creativity, team work, and presentation! Each class will be different and include fun Star Wars characters, mini figures, and themes! Your child will not want to miss this fun adventure! Each child will receive a LEGO® gift along with a certification of participation on the last day of class.

Medieval Español (Gemma Stewart) – As a former ESOL teacher, Gemma loves grammar and structure, but she also loves to fuse teaching the Spanish language with the culture, customs, and traditions of various Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish is not only an important language to learn, but it is a fun one too!

Los Tiempos Medievales – Immerse your child in the Spanish language. Instructional focus is on building Spanish vocabulary, conversational dialogue and cultural awareness. We’ll also be working on creating our own medieval fairy tale In Spanish!

Beginning Mandarin (Elena Freeh) – This class offers children an introduction to the Chinese language and culture through games and interaction. The children will study basic words: greetings, food, animals and counting. They will try their skills at calligraphy and making their own first strokes of Chinese characters. Each lesson will have dedicated time for learning about culture and time for fun, including learning rhymes and songs.

Mandarin – Immerse your child in the Mandarin language. Students will familiarize themselves with Chinese culture through music and art.

Medieval Art – Students will learn and explore new processes and techniques for creating medieval art. The class will focus on having the students practice visual problem solving and learning creative self-direction. There will be an emphasis on learning the fundamentals of art through trial and experimentation in the realm of the medieval times period.

Medieval Art and its Artists (McGaugh) – Students will create art works based on the theme Medieval Times. They will learn about artists and art from the medieval time period. Students will experience a variety of mediums including clay, collage, printmaking, colored pencils, pastel chalk, acrylic and tempera paints. The class will end with an art exhibit where each student displays new creations.

Minecraft Movies – Do you love Minecraft? Join this exciting class where students will design a Minecraft world using Legos, create their own crazy Minecraft mini figures and finally utilize iPods(provided) to create their own Minecraft movie. They will even create voices for all of their characters. Design monsters, creepers or your own personal hero to tackle the incredible environment that you create… All movies will be available to view and download online.
Musical Theater: Seussical – Students will learn the basics of musical theatre (singing, dancing, acting) while learning material to the musical, Seussical, a collection of Dr.Seuss stories combined into a musical. They will study roles, learn lines, and work on vocals and choreography to produce a performance at the end of the session.

Origami – A fun and exciting class where children will learn the Japanese art of origami along with a different aspect of Japanese culture each week! Every student will receive an origami instruction sheet on what was covered that day. They will take home projects after every class! Students will make origami hearts, origami cups, samurai helmets, and several animals such as dogs, cats, cranes and more! They will start with easy creations and get more and more complex.

Preparing for the College Essay – This is an ideal course for students who will be applying to colleges and universities. This 7-week course will guide students to writing an effective college essay. Students will gain tips, be guided through revisions and have a polished essay ready to submit to colleges. All students will receive a book titled, “Conquering the College Admissions Essay in 10 Steps” by Alan Gelb.

3-D Printing – Welcome to Intro to 3D printing! This will be an introductory course on FDM 3D printing. Students will first learn about how 3D printing technologies work. They will observe a 3D printer in action and learn about the different parts of the printer that makes it work. Then they will be introduced to Autodesk Inventor, a 3D modeling software. Using Inventor, students will then learn how to 3D model objects and 3D print them. Our final class project will be printing out a design made by each student. These designs will range from pencil holders to fidget spinners.

Robotics- This class provides students with engaging hands-on explorations of computer science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields using robots. Students will build and program real-life robotic solutions using motors, sensors, batteries, connectors, and various structural elements. Through this engaging program, students will show creativity, use teamwork, and strengthen their skills in logic, math, problem solving, and deduction. LAEF thanks the Tesoro Foundation for their generous Robotics grant!

Running/Nutrition/Physical Fitness – It’s easy to believe that physical performance is what solely determines the success of an athlete. However, have you ever spent much time thinking about other factors, like your nutrition or mental strength? If you haven’t, then this class is for you. In order to be your best – whether it’s on the field, court, or track – it is important to practice a comprehensive approach, as it can lead to your optimal performance. Over the course of 14-weeks, you’ll not only learn physical skills to improve your performance, but you’ll also find out how to properly fuel your body and train your mind to be a source of strength and positive outcomes.

Skateboarding – McGaugh Elementary School is proud to welcome Skatedogs, a hands-on skateboarding after school program for all levels. Whether you are just learning, or ready to move on to advanced tricks this program is right for you. This popular sport is a fun and exciting way for students to get a great workout while building coordination and self-confidence. The McGaugh blacktop will be turned into a temporary skate park to give students an ideal opportunity to skate like the pros. Fill your afternoon with ramps and rails as you continue to improve your skating ability each week. Requirements: A “trick” skateboard, knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet and a signed Skatedogs waiver. Visit to view their online skateboard customizer and to learn more about what type of skateboard to bring. You can purchase safety gear and/or a skateboard and they can bring on the first day of class by selecting “local pick up”. Skateboards will be locked in a box on campus and must be dropped in the box prior to the start of the school day.

Speech and Debate – This course will help students develop and improve public speaking, argumentative, and critical¬ thinking skills in communication settings. Students will prepare and deliver speeches and participate in several in ¬class debates and forums on current topics. Techniques will be taught to control speech anxiety, as well as build the skillset to structure and organize information for a variety of audiences. As such, the fundamentals of physical and verbal delivery skills, use of language and gesturing, as well as listening skills will be learned or enhanced.

Sports Wheel – The goal of this class is to create awareness and excitement for beginning athletes. Students will be enthralled by two different exciting sports; soccer and t-ball. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of physical activity in everyday life, teamwork, dealing with adversity, problem solving, and sportsmanship.

Studio Art – Students will explore the many ways of uniting art and the Medieval Times! This class will teach students about a variety of artists and art styles while combining technique and creativity. Students will experiment with different art materials, and have fun applying ideas to the theme, Medieval Times!

The Science of Magic –The Science of Magic promotes public speaking through the performance art of magic! Students will learn different magic tricks and will craft some of their own magic gear! This curriculum uses science experiments, illusions, magnets, electricity and more to teach science through magic tricks! Each student will receive a magic gift and certification of participation on the last day.

Time Machine Science: Medieval Times – Let’s travel back in time and look behind the Knights, Kings & Queens, to see what science was doing in Medieval Times. We’ll build mini catapults and see how far we can launch marshmallows, make our own paper and printing type, spin some thread from a real silkworm’s cocoon and so much more. We’ll have a STEM fun time, so come explore past science with us!

Volleyball – Students will learn the basic skills needed to participate in the game of volleyball. The focus will be technique when passing (bumping), setting, serving, and hitting (spiking)! These skills will be applied while participating in drills and lead-up games related to the game of volleyball.

Kungfu/Wushu – Challenge your mental and physical abilities. Improve your coordination, flexibility, speed, power, and personal flavor with the most complex martial arts. Wushu is a 5,000-year-old sport known as kung fu or Chinese martial arts. This non-combat sport is one of the typical demonstrations of traditional Chinese culture. The skills of Wushu consist of various stances and forms of fighting such as fist fights, weapon fights, and other fighting routines. Additionally, there are offense and defense skills including kicking, punching, throwing, grappling, chopping, and, thrusting. Wushu is not only a sporting exercise, but also an art form. It is used to cure illness as well as for self-defense. Appropriate wushu attire is comfortable exercise pants and a t-shirt. Long hair should be tied back. It is best if light shoes are worn such as keds, badminton shoes, or martial arts shoes. It is recommended but not necessary to have a pair of shoes that are only used for Wushu practice. Wushu shoes can be purchased at or on (search “Feiyue”).

Freestyle Dance – This class will teach young dancers how to use their creativity and imagination to choreograph their own routine using props, trending movie songs and with collaborative team work.

T-Ball / Soccer – Our philosophy toward sports just makes sense: No games, JUST FUN! Students will receive a large dose of fun and confidence playing t-ball and soccer. 7 weeks will be devoted to soccer and 7 weeks will be dedicated to t-ball. There is no team game-play but sessions are jam-packed with activities and games that promote exercise, group work, sports fundamentals and importantly, a love of sports.

Teacher Bios – Spring 2018

Sara Brim – Sara is the new and fantastic art teacher at McGaugh! Sara received her Bachelor’s degree and Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art from California State University, Long Beach. She has had experience working with children in after-school art programs, art studios, and in high school classrooms. Her mission is to share her love of art with students so that they can find joy in it and learn useful skills like problem solving in a fun and engaging way.

Catherine Campana – Catherine Campana has been practicing wushu since January 2012 and specializes in long-fist and straight sword forms. Her inspiration for wushu started when she participated in a wushu class at California State University Fullerton (CSUF). When she joined the CSUF Wushu Team practices, wushu became her passion because of the art and dedication it took to reach perfection in the sport. She volunteered performing in many demonstration events, competed in wushu tournaments, and taught as a Wushu Assistant Coach for the CSUF wushu class and for the CSUF Wushu Team. As a Wushu Coach, Catherine’s mission is to educate her students and to inspire the spirit, mind, and body.

Adam Cohen (Skatedogs) – Born in Huntington Beach, it wasn’t long until the owner of Skatedogs, Adam Cohen picked up a skateboard. It quickly became his passion and he would skateboard whenever he had free time. At a very young age, he realized that he wanted to turn this passion into a business. So after graduating Edison in High School, he enrolled at SDSU to earn a degree in business. Skatedogs offered their first summer camp in Los Alamitos in 2008 and they now have 4 mobile skateboard parks running skateboarding programs allover SoCal and NorCal. He’s so happy to be able to use skateboarding as a tool to inspire children to find their passion in life, live a healthy lifestyle, and make long lasting friendships.

Ann Cong – Ann was born and raised in Southern California and has been dancing her entire life. She graduated in 2003 from Chapman University with a BA in dance. She currently teaches dancing classes to primary grade students at Kick It Up Dance studio in Long Beach. She enjoys inspiring and motivating students to feel the beat of music and dance. Ann is looking forward to teaching again this session with LAEF!

Courtney Curran – Courtney takes an enthusiastic approach to both teaching and coaching with over 15 years of highly immersive experience. She played collegiate volleyball at both CSUF and Hawaii Pacific University from 2008 to 2012. She continued to hone her knowledge of the game as a graduate assistant coach at HPU, in addition to coaching various club teams in Hawaii and Southern California for girls ages 8 through 18. After being avidly involved with CSULB’s 49er Camp and Camp Nugget programming, Courtney earned her teaching credential at CSULB. She currently leads the Adapted PE program at McAuliffe and Los Al High School, and teaches gross motor skills for children of all ability levels in the elementary setting.

Jiynn Elliott – Jilynn is currently a full-time faculty member at University of Phoenix where she teaches English. She previously taught elementary school in Los Angeles where she worked in a dual immersion program working with Spanish and English speakers. She studied Spanish in Argentina and attended La Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires. She earned her BA in Liberal Arts at Chapman University and her MA in Linguistics at CSULB.

Melodie Fox – Melodie graduated from Hope International University in Fullerton with a B.A. in Human Development and has taught in several private elementary schools throughout southern California for over twenty years. Developing her own curriculum and spear-heading an innovative after school program on the east coast, she moved back in CA to pursue her love of hands-on teaching in the classroom. She is currently a projects coordinator at Oakwood Academy in Long Beach.

Elena Freeh – Elena graduated from People’s Friendship University of Russia, earned her B.A. degree in World History. Her diploma comes with teaching credentials. Elena spent three years at Tianjin University where she earned certificates in Chinese language proficiency (including a HSK certificate) and she took Master degree courses in economic and trade law in Mandarin. She worked in Russia as a middle school ESL teacher. In China she tutored ESL to groups of students from preschool to middle school age and individually tutored Russian language to Chinese and Korean students. Elena has experience developing individual teaching plans suitable for different ages, skill sets and requirements, creating fun activities to make classes interesting and fun. She strongly believes that anyone can learn a foreign language and enjoy the process. Elena is a proud parent of two students in the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Elena is extremely excited to teach for LAEF!

Alicia Keyworth – Alicia graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a BA in Art Education, BFA in 3D Media:Fiber, and Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art. Her mission is for all of her students to develop creative confidence and to express their voice through their artwork. As a fellow Los Alamitos High School graduate she is very excited to join the LAEF team this Spring!

Kiyomi Fukui – Kiyomi is a Japanese-American artist who lives and works in Long Beach. Recent exhibitions include Poetics of Relation, DAC Gallery, Los Angeles; Thread, El Camino Art Gallery, Torrance; and Bloom Polylogue, Gallery 211, Santa Ana. She received an MFA in Printmaking from California State University Long Beach and a BFA in Graphic Design from La Sierra University. In addition to producing print-based artwork, Kiyomi also practices participatory performance and fiber arts, such as tatting and crocheting.

Mariela E. Garcia Alvarado – Mariela graduated from California State University-Fullerton with three bachelors of arts degrees in American Studies, Chicana/o Studies, and Philosophy and received the prestigious Edward J. Praitis Scholarship for her outstanding achievements in Philosophy at the commencement ceremony; moreover, Mariela was also chosen to represent the Chicana/o Studies department at the 2016 Ethnic Studies Conference at Chapman University and was awarded the Susan Flinkingshelt Student Association Service Award by the American Studies department. While completing her degree, Mariela debated for the varsity policy debate division and received multiple individual speaker awards and made it to many finalist rounds with her partners. During her last year of debate, she was awarded the Giles Scholarship by the CSU-Fullerton Forensics team and was awarded the 2017 CEDA All American Scholar- an award that recognizes those who demonstrate exceptional competitive and academic achievements as they participate in intercollegiate debate. Coach Mariela has been coaching for numerous schools and companies for 5 years, helping many students place in finalist rounds, raise their grades, and be accepted to many prestigious schools.

Global Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organization, evolved in the last 20 years, and in the current form since 2009. Their mission is to help individuals to achieve their professional, career and personal goals to be globally versatile and competitive. The professional and volunteer staff brings together multifaceted talents and experiences, and more importantly passion and caring. They administer US Federal, State, Local funded programs; offer language and cultural classes for preschoolers to adults; and organize exchange programs and tours.

Alan Grant – Alan teaches Computer Science at Los Alamitos High School and is the Assistant Cross Country Coach. Mr. Grant has been teaching for 5 years and has taught AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus and Career Technical Education courses in Hospitality and Tourism. Prior to teaching, Mr. Grant owned and operated a local restaurant, zpizza on Main Street in Seal Beach, from 2004-2015. Mr. Grant is also an active long distance runner, having won the Seal Beach 10K four consecutive years from 2008-2011 and competing in the 2017 Boston Marathon. Alan is the Computer Science teacher at LAHS.

Sammi Gyerman – Sammi Gverman received her undergraduate degree in Sport and Recreation Management from the University of Iowa while playing softball for three seasons in the Big Ten Conference. After undergoing a season-ending injury her sophomore year, she was left with one year of eligibility after graduation. For her final season, she decided to move back home to Southern California to compete in the Big West Conference for Long Beach State University. Currently she is a Sports Management Graduate candidate on track to graduate in January 2018. Sammi has always been passionate about youth development through sports and has experience in mentoring, coaching and training children of all ages. With a love for all sports, she enters the youth coaching scene with years of involvement with a fresh and eager mindset ready to give back to a community she admires and respects.

Brenna Hanlen – Brenna Hanlen has been working in children’s theatre for 11 years. She has directed, musically directed, and choreographed for Musical Youth Artists Repertory Theatre. She is currently taking classes a LBCC in hopes of transferring and eventually attaining a BFA in Musical Theatre. She can’t wait to bring musical theatre to your kids!

Madeline Hayford – Originally from Indiana, Maddie is a former collegiate cyclist whose passion is inspiring others to perform at their best. With a long background in health and fitness, Maddie is a Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Mental Skills Coach currently in her second year at CSULB completing her Master’s in Sport and Exercise Psychology. She believes that in order to achieve optimal performance, in life or in competition, there has to be a proper engagement between the mind and the body. With that said, she strives to teach everyone how to train their body as well as their brain to lead to success.

Mia Koss – Mia is in her first year of college at California State University, Long Beach pursuing a B.S. degree in aerospace engineering. She was involved in First Robotics Competition in high school and has begun her first year in college as a member of Long Beach Rocketry to continue her passion for competition and engineering outside of her classes. She loves sharing her knowledge with other tech enthusiasts, young and old, and is very excited to be teaching in the Los Alamitos Unified School District in hopes that she can inspire others to explore the world of engineering.

Movies by Kids – Movies by Kids is a creative program designed for teaching young students the exciting process of movie making and animation. This unique “Hand’s On” program offers children the opportunity to conceive, write, produce and direct their own, animated movies, live action shorts and special effects sequences. Each family receives a copy of their children’s movie to enjoy for years to come. Our goal is to enable children to “experience their imagination” in a safe, nurturing environment, with an age appropriate curriculum taught by industry professionals who know what they’re doing, and love what they do.

Bethany King – Bethany received her BA in Art Education at Cal State Long Beach and she will be receiving her teaching credential at in May 2018. She has a passion for showing kids the possibilities that art provides and encouraging them to be creative. Bethany loves spending time at the beach, painting, and traveling. She is extremely excited to start teaching for LAEF this Spring.

Gaspar Onofre-Almanza – Gaspar is originally from the central coast city, Santa Maria California. After relocating to Southern California, he enrolled at CSULB to study studio art and art education. While enrolled in high school he attended his community college to further his expertise in teaching art classes to gain a greater understanding of the subject. He is pursuing a career in art education to inspire our young innovating minds. Gaspar is excited to teach for LAEF for the first time this Spring Season!

Fabiola Paulson – Fabiola is a native Spanish speaker born in Peru, where she lived until the age of eight. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in German from California State University, Long Beach. She studied German at Carl von Ossietzky Universität in Oldenburg, Germany. She has worked as a substitute paraeducator in Huntington Beach and has been a volunteer basketball coach for the past two years. Fabiola enjoys traveling and has a passion for languages that she loves to share with students.

Bruno Pontes – Bruno loves empowering people through sports. Bruno grew up playing soccer and swimming in a small town in Brasil. When he and his parents moved to the United States, Mr. Pontes maintained an active life by playing a range of different sports. He played volleyball, tennis, basketball, and soccer. Mr. Pontes is a first degree black belt in Hapkido, which is a Korean martial arts. Bruno has taught several classes in Hapkido and discovered that he loved the sparkle in his students’ eyes when they learned a new move that he had taught them. As a result, Mr. Pontes decided to pursue a career in teaching physical education. This choice led him to attend CSU Long Beach where he graduated with his BA in Kinesiology in the Spring 2017. Mr. Pontes is excited once again to teach the students of Los Alamitos how to live healthy lifestyles through playing sports, eating healthy and exercising regularly all while having fun!

Coralie Prince – Coralie Prince’s life has been music from the time she was born! Her father was a singer/songwriter/pianist and producer of shows. Mother, a nurse, performed at home and supported the arts. Coralie began piano when she was a toddler and violin when she was 6. She most recently taught elementary classroom music at Hopkinson and Lee both from 1980 to 2014. She directed grade level shows and produced, directed, accompanied a large musical each year with the 5th grade and/or the 4/5 chorus. She taught piano privately for many years and later, a summer Musical Theater Workshop for grades 3 thru 12. She is so excited to continue working with the students in the LAEF Musical Theater Class.

Juan Ramon De La Rama – Juan Ramon is a mechanical engineering student with a background in 3D printing, mentoring, and tutoring. He is currently the President of CSULB ASME student chapter and performs outreach activities to encourage interested students to pursue the STEM field. Juan Ramon is graduating in May 2018 with his BA in mechanical engineering. Juan Ramon looks forward to inspiring students in the LAEF program to learn more about 3D printing and STEM!

Michael Rollins – Michael is a professional artist and instructor. He received his MFA from California State University Long Beach, where he now teaches painting. Before moving to California Michael’s time was spent at his home in Arizona and studying in Colorado. Both places provided Michael with encouraging environments which inspired him in the formative years of his artistic career. Michael paints in-depth abstract environments in very large scale and works in a variety of mediums.

Rachel Schiller – Rachel holds an Associate’s Degree in Sign Language Interpreting for the Deaf from Golden West College. She has over twelve years of experience working with children.

Andrea Solow – Andrea Solow has been a student of Kenpo Karate for over 30 years and is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt. She has been the International champion six times and has won more than 150 1st place trophies in her tournament career. Ms. Solow owned and operated a karate school in Telluride, Colorado for 15 years. She has instructed several hundred people over the years, having many advanced students, and bringing several people to the rank of black belt. She recently moved back to her home state, California, with her husband and two children who attend school at Weaver. Ms. Solow is passionate about teaching kids and is excited to be an instructor for the LAEF program!

Gemma Stewart – Gemma Stewart is a Seal Beach local and Los Al High graduate. Since graduating from Boston College, Gemma has taught ESOL in Costa Rica and currently is getting her masters degree at USC. While living in Costa Rica, Gemma had the opportunity to learn & speak Spanish in its native environment.

Nalani Stumpf – owns the mobile gymnastics program Leap of Faith Gymnastics with her husband, Chris. She fell in love with the sport of gymnastics at just four years of age. Nalani competed for Newhope Gymnastics in Fountain Valley where she began coaching in high school, working her way up to recreational supervisor, special events coordinator, and competitive team coach. Nalani has been coaching for over 20 years. She has been a USA Gymnastics professional member and a certified compulsory judge.

Strategic Kids – program instructors have experience working with elementary aged children. They have energetic and fun personalities that inspire kids.

Leoby Valenzuela – Leoby is 22 years old and has been dancing since the age of five. She has studied several types of dance including jazz, ballet, belly dance and lyrical. At the age of nine she discovered Hula and Polynesian dance and has since, become very passionate about it. Leoby has been teaching Hula and Polynesian for three years at a dance studio and is eager once again to spread the art of dance through LAEF.

Arnold Weintraub – Dr. Weintraub has been teaching since 1966. He received his BA degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a double major in English and Speech Communication. He received his MA and PHD degrees in Speech Communication from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He taught English at every level, ranging from remedial through AP Honors. He coached Debate for 11 years at Omaha Central High School. He has also taught several courses in Speech Communication at El Camino College and Golden West College. Dr. Weintraub is an enthusiastic teacher and served as a walk-on coach at Los Alamitos High School, coaching the Debate team and the Mock Trial team.

Jerry Wetzel – Jerry Wetzel is founder of Red Zone Threat Management and travels nationally and internationally teaching seminars to members of the DEA, Local Law Enforcement, and civilians on the topic of personal protection. He is the author of the book “Red Zone Prime: A Foundation for Personal Protection”. In addition he is a passionate instructor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts which he teaches at the facility he has owned and operated for the last 14 years, Centerline Martial Arts and Fitness. Jerry runs kids classes daily in mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as the kids BJJ competition team. He has one child who is a Weaver student as well as one who just left Weaver to move into 6th grade at Oak. Jerry firmly believes that every child has the right to enjoy their school days without fear of being bullied and is committed to helping them develop the necessary tools and attitude to help them on their journey.

Brian Wright (WeBreak) – WeBreak Hip-Hop Dance Company was founded in 2011 by Brian Wright. Brian Wright is a natural and gifted instructor in dance and has been teaching dance for the past 12 years. He loves working with children, teens and adults and has been dancing for over 17 years and breakdancing for over 12 years. He, along with a friend, founded and designed the California State University Breakers, a campus club committed to teaching the art form of breaking at Cal State University Long Beach. The CSULB Breakers won the very first intercollegiate breakdance competition at LMU in 2006. Brian also received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from CSULB.


Aside from the FUN, innovative classes offered, did you know quality After School Programs:

  • Give children activity choices, engage them in enrichment activities, and support socialization and team learning
  • Pay academic dividends during the school day, whether or not the class is classified as “academic,” because programs feature reading, language comprehension and analytic thought
  • Provide opportunities for group projects which enhance children’s learning, as do music, art, theatre, and computer activities, as well as reading for pleasure and writing for an audience
  • Let students connect with teachers in a lower teacher-child ratio setting. Such meaningful interactions are associated with more positive interactions, less negativity, and more flexible and age-appropriate activities
  • Allow students (most markedly boys) greater flexibility to make choices in their class activities, which research connects to better social skills with classroom peers
  • Can decrease TV viewing behavior in children!! Researchers found that children watch far more television at home after school than they do at after-school programs. In numerous studies, time viewing television has been associated with lower reading achievement and more frequent behavior problems among children.


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