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Thank you so much for supporting LAEF and the students of Los Alamitos USD!

Non-Profit/Federal Tax ID #95-3756247 – LAEF is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Would you like mail in a check? Please send it to: LAEF, PO Box 1210, Los Alamitos, CA 90720

To make a one-time contribution to LAEF by credit card, click on the “Donate” button below.

2016-17 Suggested Contributions:
$300 Scholar Level
$500 Salutatorian Level – receive one free LAEF class!*
$1000 Valedictorian Level – receive two free LAEF classes!*

*Free classes are to be applied to after-school classes and Summer Enrichment Institute only. It does NOT apply to summer sports camps, summer camps in the arts or sports clinics. Additional restrictions may apply.

LAEF Monthly Contribution Options

Your LAEF donation pays for:

  • Extra teachers that reduce teacher-student ratios in every school
  • Academic and enrichment opportunities after school and during the summer
  • STEAM project prep classes, STEAM fairs on school campuses and the district-wide STEAM Showcase
  • Scholarships for STEAM project supplies and funds to support STEAM student groups, such as the LAHS Robotics Team
  • Support of the salaries for Elementary School Media Center teachers – $30,000 donated in 2016!
  • Free SAT Prep classes for 11th grade students
  • LAEF partnered with Rotary of Los Al/Seal Beach to fund the Griffriends events, which provide team games and luncheons for K-12 children with special needs and high school athletes.
  • Support of the Arts – LAEF donated $10,000 to the LAHS Marching Band in the Spring of 2017 to support their appearance in the 2018 New Year’s Day Parade in London, England!
  • Safety items that protect every student in the district, including the 15 camera surveillance system at LAHS
  • Program scholarships for students of families in need
  • Professional growth and development for the people in charge of your child’s education
  • Your contribution demonstrates your desire to support students from the entire school district. You can take pride in the knowledge that you are the reason LAUSD is second to none in the education offered to our students.

    Through that education, we will be sending well-equipped future leaders and representatives of our community into the world with the tools to be successful and competitive. Your support of LAEF enables Los Alamitos to achieve desired and specific goals that would otherwise be unachievable.

    In the greater scheme of things, providing every opportunity for our students will help keep our test scores high, resulting in government funding which is vital to our continued success as educational institutions. Successful schools attract families to our area and support our property values. As you can see, your support really serves everyone, regardless of family situation.

    Your donation to LAEF supports the entire school district and helps ensure that the education students receive here remains second to none.  We provide future leaders the tools they need to be successful and competitive in today’s world.  And remember: Successful schools attract families to our community and helps support our property values.

    Los Alamitos Education Foundation